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Calathea Medallion Ø21cm - ↕70cm in Vibes BLUE pot

Calathea Medallion Ø21cm - ↕70cm in Vibes BLUE pot

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Be enchanted by the Calathea Medallion, a masterpiece of mother nature that transforms your living space into a lush oasis of color and elegance! With its striking leaves, gracefully printed with vibrant shades of green and purple, this houseplant brings a touch of tropical splendor into your home. The Calathea Medallion is not only known for its visual allure but also for its unique ability to close its leaves at night, creating a lively display. This plant thrives in indirect light and likes humid conditions, making it perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts. Add a touch of jungle chic to your interior with the Calathea Medallion and discover the harmony between beautiful aesthetics and easy care. Bring this enchanting plant into your home today and give your living space an exotic look! In general, Calathea plants, including the Calathea Medallion, are considered non-toxic to people and pets such as cats and dogs. This means that they do not contain substances that can cause serious harm if ingested.
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La Freschezza delle Piante direttamente a Casa Tua!

Siamo entusiasti di presentarvi il nostro nuovo progetto, un'idea che nasce dalla ricca esperienza del nostro fondatore nel settore delle piante, accumulata in oltre 50 anni di attività.

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