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DIY terrarium - Egg XL Bonsai - ↕ 30 cm

DIY terrarium - Egg XL Bonsai - ↕ 30 cm

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Do-It-Yourself terrarium

With a Do-It-Yourself plant terrarium you get a self-sufficient biotope that you will enjoy for years to come. After you, or the person you are giving this terrarium to as a gift, have put together your own mini ecosystem using the included five-step plan, the water is recycled through evaporation by the plants and mosses.

Dimensions: Ø 17 cm ↑ 30 cm

No green fingers? No problem. Our terrariums take care of themselves after being assembled. This way, everyone, even without green fingers, can enjoy greenery in their home or office without any worries and endlessly.

What's in the DIY terrarium package?

  • Terrarium glass
  • Plants
    • Ficus Ginseng bonsai
  • Sufficient fresh green ball mosses
  • Hydro granules
  • Activated carbon
  • Terrarium potting soil
  • Decorative stones
  • Step-by-step plan for creating your Bottle Garden
  • Care tips

This terrarium feels at home in any interior and is supplied as a Do-It-Yourself package. No green fingers? No problem. We explain everything you need to know about your terrarium in 5 steps so that you can enjoy your own terrarium at home or in the office within 10 minutes.

Due to the season, a depicted or described plant may not be in stock. In that case you will receive a suitable alternative.

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