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Flowerbulbs Amsterdam - Mix Pompon Splash, 12 Dahlia Little Robert & 12 Dahlia Ralphie tubers for 4 m²

Flowerbulbs Amsterdam - Mix Pompon Splash, 12 Dahlia Little Robert & 12 Dahlia Ralphie tubers for 4 m²

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Pompom Splash Mix

Discover the charm of the 'Pompon Splash' mix

Discover the charm of the 'Pompon Splash' mix, a playful combination of Dahlia 'Little Robert' and 'Ralphie'. With 'Little Robert's' soft pink and 'Ralphie's' vibrant orange flowers, this mix provides a beautiful contrast that will enrich any garden. Perfect for adding color to borders and as striking cut flowers, 'Pompon Splash' provides long-lasting blooms and a lasting impression.

Growth, flowering and care

The 'Pompon Splash' mix comes with detailed planting and care instructions:

  • Planting period: April to June
  • Flowering period: July to October
  • Plant spacing: 40 - 50 cm, to give each plant enough space to flourish
  • Planting depth: 10 - 15 cm
  • Position: full sun to partial shade
  • Height: 'Little Robert' 80 - 90 cm, 'Ralphie' 80 - 100 cm

Perfect cut flowers

Both dahlias in this mix are excellent choices as cut flowers, thanks to their long vase life and striking appearance. Whether you choose the pompom-like flowers of 'Little Robert' or the sunny blossoms of 'Ralphie', they will both make a stunning addition to any vase.

A blooming summer guaranteed

'Little Robert' charms with its compact, pompom-like flowers that show a subtle transition from creamy white to pink. In addition, 'Ralphie', with its bright orange pompon flowers, provides a powerful injection of color that lights up every garden corner. This combination makes the 'Pompon Splash' mix ideal for garden beds, borders and as striking cut flowers.

Enjoy the long-lasting flowering and visual impact of this special mix, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and enchant every garden visitor.

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