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Hummingbird Company | Gift set Scandic white | Plant set with white Phalaenopsis Orchid and Succulents incl. ceramic decorative pots

Hummingbird Company | Gift set Scandic white | Plant set with white Phalaenopsis Orchid and Succulents incl. ceramic decorative pots

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A stylish plant set on the dining table, an eye-catcher in the living room or do you give it as an original gift to a loved one? This is one of our favorite gift sets. This gift set gives a very nice calm look through the combination of the white Scandic decorative pots. This combined with the soft white Phalaenopsis orchid that comes with 2 flower spikes. The green plants ensure that this plant set looks beautiful in any interior! The set comes complete with the braided white tray.

Watering tips for your orchid:
Water your orchid once a week by completely submerging the orchid with its plastic nursery pot in water. Make sure that you let the orchid drain well before you put it back in the ornamental pot, otherwise too much water will remain in the pot, which can cause the roots to rot. Always check the roots before watering the orchids. These tell you if they are thirsty or if they still have enough water. Are the roots light gray? Then water quickly, because then they will dry. Are the roots dark green? Then they have enough water. You don't have to water anymore.

The best way to care for an orchid is to spoil it with orchid food once every two months. As a result, your orchid will stay beautiful even longer, because it will receive extra nutrients.

Location orchid:
Orchids like a light spot with room temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees.
Watch out for the following points:
– Make sure your orchid is not near a stove or heater, because this air is too dry for the orchid.
– Place your orchid in a light spot, but watch out for direct sunlight. This can be harmful to the leaves and flowers.
– Never place an orchid next to a fruit bowl. Many fruits give off a natural substance called ethylene. This substance can accelerate the aging process of the orchid.

With these tips you can best care for your orchid!

How do we ship a houseplant?
We pack every order with care. We have developed special packaging that ensures that your plants and pots do not break during shipping. This box has been specially developed for our plants and pots. Due to the built-in interior, the plants and pots are fixed in the box. In this way we ensure that your plants and pots are delivered to you properly so that you can enjoy them for months to come!

*because we work with living products, the depicted species may have small deviations from the photos.

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