FAQ The questions you asked us or would have liked to ask

How "fresh" are your plants?

Our plants leave directly from the grower's greenhouse, even if they remain on the road for a few days, we assure you of a unique freshness never experienced before

How long will it take for the plant to reach me?

Normally as soon as your order arrives, it goes into processing immediately... we have noticed that orders arrive in the evening and are therefore processed the following day.
Depending on your geographical location, plants take 2 to 4 days to arrive after shipping. Our system and Luigi will pester you with information following every single shipment.

What happens if the plant arrives to me not in perfect condition?

You can contact us immediately and send photos regarding the condition of the packaging and/or the plant. For ecological and cost reasons we will not ask you to return the plant.
This is to avoid further stress for the plant and for you and naturally after careful analysis of the situation we will decide what to do in collaboration with you or refund or send the product again.

After the arrival of the plant, who can I ask for advice on maintenance?
Luigi, who is the owner of the company, personally takes care of these things. You can ask him both for the plants you bought from us and also for other house plants.
You can contact us by email, Whatsapp or by telephone, you will find our details on the site.

Should I immediately repot my newly arrived plant?
No, it's not necessary, almost all the plants in our shop are already in the optimal pot and can remain there for up to a year. Of course, if you want, you can always decant into a larger vase.
Make sure that it is not too large, that it has drainage holes and that the soil is suitable.

Do I have to water my plant immediately upon arrival?
It is advisable to do this to "recompact" the soil. However well packaged our plants are, they are subject to shocks and movements during transport. Watering allows the soil to "get closer" to the roots.
The fact that the soil is correctly compact is a prerequisite for the harmonious development of the plant itself. If you deem it necessary, you can also lightly press the soil with your hands or a tool.

How can I water my plant?
This is truly an essential question, the answer is quite simple. You could do much more damage by watering your plant too frequently than you could by forgetting to water it for 15 days.
To explain better, never leave water in the saucer, when you water the plants do it abundantly (perhaps in the bathroom) even repeating the operation more than once one after the other, let the excess percolate and put it back in its position.
Giving water in small quantities increases the salinity in the pot which is extremely harmful to the roots. If I wasn't clear... ask me again.

How come the plant can travel without damage by courier?

This is possible thanks to the specific packaging we use. They are made to protect the plant from transport shocks and even from tipping over. The pot is blocked at the height of the "collar" of the plant (where the trunk
starts to grow roots and enters the soil) this prevents the soil from escaping and protects the plant in general.