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Calathea Medallion Animal-friendly plant set Large

Calathea Medallion Animal-friendly plant set Large

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Why choose between a pet or plants in your home when you can have both! Our range is non-toxic for dogs and cats and at the same time a valuable addition to the atmosphere in the home. When you order our animal-friendly houseplants, you will receive a set of 6 carefully selected plants that complement each other perfectly: The crocodile fern 'Crocodyllus' stands out with its unique leaf pattern that is reminiscent of a crocodile, while the Blue Fern, or Phlebodium aureum 'Blue Star ', brightens up the living environment with its decorative gray-blue leaves. The majestic Golden Palm with its light green, elongated leaves is a real eye-catcher and also fills up larger open spaces beautifully. This is supplemented with two easy-to-care types of Peperomia: The Watermelon Peperomia, which lives up to its name and is reminiscent of small watermelons with its unique leaf pattern. The Peperomia obtusifolia, on the other hand, has round leaves with dark green to beige spots. And the Calathea 'Medaillon' is also a true foliage plant with an impressive pattern in different shades of green and purple. Delivered together with the Lisbon basket black. This plant basket, made of environmentally friendly jute, exudes toughness and fits in various interiors. With natural tones and a white bottom, this basket is ideal for various houseplants. Hand-woven within the sustainable Terima Kasih project, the production process uses completely biodegradable fibers without fossil fuels
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La Freschezza delle Piante direttamente a Casa Tua!

Siamo entusiasti di presentarvi il nostro nuovo progetto, un'idea che nasce dalla ricca esperienza del nostro fondatore nel settore delle piante, accumulata in oltre 50 anni di attività.

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