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DIY terrarium - Sam Calathea with Light - ↑ 30 cm

DIY terrarium - Sam Calathea with Light - ↑ 30 cm

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Do-It-Yourself terrarium

With a Do-It-Yourself plant terrarium you get a self-sufficient biotope that you will enjoy for years to come. After you, or the person you are going to give this terrarium to as a gift, have put together your own mini-ecosystem with the included five-step plan, the water is recycled by the plants and mosses through evaporation.

Dimensions: diameter 24.5 cm ↑ 30 cm

No green fingers? No problem. Our terrariums take care of themselves after being assembled. This way everyone, even without a green thumb, can enjoy endless greenery in their home or office without any worries.

What's in the DIY terrarium package?

  • Terrarium with cork and LED lighting
  • Plants
    • Fittonia red
    • Fittonia white
    • Calathea
  • Plenty of fresh green ball mosses
  • Hydro granules
  • Activated carbon
  • Terrarium potting soil
  • Decorative rhinestones
  • Step-by-step plan for making your Bottle Garden
  • Care tips

This terrarium feels at home in any interior and is supplied as a Do-It-Yourself package. No green fingers? No problem. We explain everything you need to know about your terrarium in 5 steps so that you can enjoy your own terrarium at home or at the office within 10 minutes.

It may be that, due to the season, a pictured or described plant is not available. In that case you will receive a suitable alternative.

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