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Ficus Lyrata - Ø21cm - ↕90cm in Boule OLIVE pot

Ficus Lyrata - Ø21cm - ↕90cm in Boule OLIVE pot

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A Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle leaf ficus or fiddle leaf fig. The lush, large, violin-shaped leaves bring a touch of natural elegance to your home or office. This branched variety offers a lusher, fuller appearance, perfect for green lovers looking for a striking, stylish addition to their living space. Place the plant in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, avoiding direct sunlight. Keep the room temperature stable between 18-24°C. Water the plant regularly, but do not let the roots stand in water. Regular spraying can increase humidity, which benefits the plant. You can also fertilize the plant during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer every few weeks. Prune as necessary to maintain shape. With this care, your Ficus lyrata will continue to grow beautifully for years to come. The Ficus Lyrata is poisonous to both humans and animals if ingested, so be careful with small children around this tree.
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Siamo entusiasti di presentarvi il nostro nuovo progetto, un'idea che nasce dalla ricca esperienza del nostro fondatore nel settore delle piante, accumulata in oltre 50 anni di attività.

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