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Strelitzia Nicolai - Ø24cm - ↕120cm

Strelitzia Nicolai - Ø24cm - ↕120cm

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The Strelitzia is a genus of tropical plants, also known as "Bird of Paradise Flowers" or "Bird of Paradise Plants." They are known for their striking and exotic appearance, with large and lush leaves and striking flowers that resemble the head and beak of a bird of paradise, hence the name. Strelitzias usually require a lot of light and warmth to grow and bloom well. They are loved for their decorative value and are often used in landscaping and interior design. This plant adds a sense of adventure and luxury to any space, whether it is in your living room, office or garden. What makes this plant so unique is its enchanting flowers. They are like exotic birds that danced on their stems. Strelitzias need plenty of bright, indirect light to thrive. Place the plant near an east, west or south-facing window where it will receive indirect sunlight for a few hours a day. They tolerate some direct sunlight, but avoid bright midday sun. Let the top cm of soil dry thoroughly before watering again. The Strelitzia is not known to be poisonous to humans, including children, but can cause problems if ingested. The plant may contain fiber and substances that can cause stomach irritation if parts of it are eaten.
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