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"Fruit paradise" BIO Fruit plants mix set of 4 different types

"Fruit paradise" BIO Fruit plants mix set of 4 different types

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Welcome to the "Organic Fruit Paradise Package", your perfect start to a colorful and delicious fruit harvest straight from your own garden. This package combines four popular, 100% organic and SKAL-certified fruit plants, each with their unique flavors and benefits.

This set contains:

  • Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) : Delicious, sweet raspberries that thrive in both sun and partial shade. They are ideal for fresh consumption or for making desserts and jams.

  • Ribes rubrum (Red Currant) : These shrubs with small, ruby-red berries are a flavorful addition to your garden, rich in nutrients and perfect for culinary creations.

  • Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) : Enjoy the health benefits and sweet taste of blueberries, a favorite for consumption raw as well as for baked goods and smoothies.

  • Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry) : These juicy, sweet blackberries are delicious fresh or in various recipes and provide a bountiful harvest.

Ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, this pack offers a diversity of flavors and colours, perfect for small and large gardens.

Plant details:

  • Location : Each plant in this set grows best in a sunny to semi-shady spot with well-drained soil.
  • Pot size : Supplied in pots with a diameter of 13 cm.
  • Height : The plants are approximately 20-25 cm high upon delivery.
  • Water use : Water regularly, paying attention to periods of drought.
  • Growth Rate : These plants grow moderately fast and produce a compact, bountiful crop.
  • Winter hardiness : All plants in the set are winter hardy and can handle colder temperatures well.
  • Flower color : Each plant has attractive flowers that contribute to biodiversity in your garden.
  • Fragrance : Natural, sweet aromas fill your garden during the flowering period.
  • Deciduous : Some varieties retain their leaves all year round.
  • Pruning : Light pruning after harvest to keep plants healthy and productive.
  • Pruning month : Best pruning in late winter or early spring.

With the "Organic Fruit Paradise Package" you bring life, color and taste to your garden. Order now and start your own fruit-filled adventure!

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